Discover the Best GPUs for Mining Ethereum compares the best AMD graphics cards for mining Ethereum (ETH) & Ethereum Classic (ETC).


Find the best GPU brands and optimal configurations for the fastest Ethereum hash rates. have configured 42 GPUs across 7 mining rigs running SimpleMiningOS hashing at a total 1580 MH/S (Ethereum).

Our goal is to provide information on how to achieve realistic hash-rates with minimum power draw and low rig maintenance.

Ausrigs Ethereum Mining HashRate

The best GPU for mining Ethereum & Ethereum Classic is the RX 5700 XT. We were able to produce 52.1 MH/s with a low power draw of 105 Watts. The 8GB version of the RX 580 is an older graphics card, but can still produce 30.54 MH/s at 74 Watts per GPU. Newer graphics cards released in 2021 such as the RX 6700 XT and NVIDIA RTX 3060 are expected to produce a lower hash rate than the RX 5700 XT. The AMD RX 6700 XT can produce 43 MH/s whilst the NVIDIA RTX 3060 Ti hashrate has been halved expecting to produce as little as 20 MH/s. Some miners have claimed to circumvent the NVIDIA hashrate limiter to achieve 45 MH/s on the NVIDIA RTX 3060 Ti.

The Ethereum Minings Rigs details are below.

Ethereum Mining HashRate | SimpleMiningOS |

Total Power Draw: 5430 Watts

Ethereum Mining HashRate: 1.58 GH/s or 1580 MH/s

Ethereum Mining Software: PhoenixMiner v5.4c

Ethereum Mining Rigs | SimpleMiningOS Dashboard | Nanopool HashRate: 1.58 GH/s or 1580 MH/s

Ethereum Mining HashRate | Nanopool | Nanopool Estimated Ethereum Mining Earning

Hourly: $9.85 Daily: $236.33 Weekly: $1,654.32 Monthly: $7,089.94

Snapshot: 2021-02-23


AMD RX 5700 XT @ 52 MH/s at 105 Watts is the Best Graphics Card for Mining Ethereum based on power to hash ratio and GPU cost. 

2021-09-11 19_42_55-Window.png


Welcome to is designed to help you achieve the best Ethereum mining setup with a focus on low power draw and high hash rates using the best mining graphics cards available.

If you are new to mining or interested in learning about how to set up a Ethereum mining rig, we can assist. Our primary experience at has been with the RX 580 8GB, RX 5700 XT graphics cards.  We will show you how to optimize these graphics cards to achieve the highest hashrate with the lowest power draw. We encourage others to share their experiences in the Mining Forum.

The RX 580 8GB graphics cards were acquired in 2017 whilst the more efficient RX 5700 XT graphics cards were acquired in 2020. We intend to continue mining with the RX 5700 XT graphics cards as we have determined these to be the most efficient and cost effective GPU for mining Ethereum.

The RX 6800 XT graphics cards generate 59 MH/s at 230 Watts out of the box and after tuning, can produce 64 MH/s at 170 Watts leaving the XR 5700 XT as the top pick for Ethereum mining. We expected more from the RX 6800 XT, but suspect this card will remain an excellent pick for gamers leaving the more affordable and cost effective RX 5700 XT currently as the best graphics card for mining Ethereum.

NVIDA GPUs have not been tested as typically AMD GPUs perform best against the Ethash mining algorithm that Ethereum is based on. AusRigs will be sourcing the new CMP HX Nvidia graphics cards to test their mining capabilities when stock becomes available.


We would suggest that miners avoid investing in high-end expensive GPUs to being with. Expect to lose a card or 2 as you push the limits on your cards and experiment with BIOS modifications. In our configurations our goal is to maintain a low power draw (maintain longevity of your assets) with maximum hashrate, and little to no stale or rejected shares (stability).  you can achieve a higher hash rate with lower power draw by following the steps described here. 

The 4 Strategic Mining Pillars are: GPU Longevity, High Performance, Low Maintenance & High Stability.

  • GPU Longevity (Low power draw through undervolting whilst maintaining a constant low to mid temperature through effective cooling)

  • High Performance (Highest Hashrate though overclocking and configuration)

  • Low Maintenance (Remote management and minimum downtime)

  • High Stability (Maintaining minimal rejected and stale shares)

We have provided the detail for achieving optimal mining performance for the RX 580, & RX 5700 XT including an Ethereum mining Setup Guide.

AMD RX 6800 XT @ 64 MH/s at 170 Watts produces a higher hash rate when mining ethereum than the RX 5700 XT, but with increased power and cost per GPU. 

AMD RX 6900 XT @ 67 MH/s at 150 Watts when mining ethereum. 


Ethereum Mining Profitability

If you are wondering if mining still profitable in 2020, can show you how it is. There are some key considerations that will ultimately determine this for you.

  • Power to Hash ratio: Powerful GPUs like the GeForce RTX 2080 TI or the newer RTX 3080 may give a slightly higher hash rate, but with more than double the power consumption of the RX 580. For an excellent mid range GPU that performs well consider the RX 5700 XT which can be tuned to 52 Mh/s at 105 Watts.

  • Scalability (Maximum number of Graphics cards per rig without compromising your PSUs).

  • Power consumption & your electricity provider (GPU mining is power intensive and having the right energy plan can tip the scales).

  • Select GPU ASIC-resistant Coins / Currency that is profitable to mine.

  • Carefully select a crypto exchange & implement an operating model for converting you coin to cash.

  • Mining Stability (Stability over performance - protect your assets).

  • Network Stability (Avoid running your rigs on Wi-Fi where possible).

  • Investing vs Mining (The crypto share market is volatile - create a plan and stick to it, avoid mining to hold - if you plan on doing this, simply buy some crypto as an investment. Mining is about having a well defined operating model that minimizes the risk in price fluctuations by exchanging your crypto assets for cash frequently (weekly).

For an effective profitable mining rig there are a few elements you need to consider before you start mining:

  1. Consider your power requirements. Monitoring your power use is key.

    • For example, 240 Volt, 10 Amp GPO will give you 2400 Watts (don't draw more than your circuit can handle or expect your safety switch to trip and power to cut out).

    • Most Power Supply Units (PSUs) rated at 1200W or less will come with a standard kettle cord. PSUs that are 1200W+ typically will come with a heavy duty power cable that may not plug into your wall socket.

    • Check the mains circuit and then each power circuit (80 Amps, 40 Amps, 20 Amps etc.). To scale your mining rig, you need enough power coming into your property / location and enough power on each circuit you intend to run your rigs.

    • A solar installation can offset you rig power costs and return a greater yield than current feed-in tariffs.

  2. Consider Solo vs Pool mining.

    • Solo mining introduces a risk based on luck whilst pool mining will deliver a constant stream of income.

  3. Secure your wallet.

    • Select a wallet and store your assets in your secure wallet. Do not store your cryptocurrency assets on an exchange.

  4. Select your cryptocurrency exchange carefully.

    • Do your research when selecting a cryptocurrency exchange. Cryptopia and many others like this have collapsed taking millions of crypto assets with them. However, a cryptocurrency exchange or wallet capable of exchanging cryptocurrency for "real" cash is required.

AMD RX 580 @ 31 MH/s at 73 Watts was a popular GPU for mining ethereum in 2017. These are a great lost cost graphics card that are still used today.

NVIDIA RTX 3090 @ 119 MH/s at 323 Watts. NVIDIA RTX 3080 @ 87 MH/s at 180 Watts.  NVIDIA RTX 3070 @ 63 MH/s at 125 Watts. 

30.54 MH/S ON MSI ARMOR RX580 8GB (73 WATTS)

52.1 MH/S ON MSI XR 5700 XT GAMING X (105) WATTS

64 MH/S ON MSI XR 6800 XT (170) WATTS

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